Best Practices

An image that depicts a confirmation modal detailing the data that will be collected by an app

Right to Know

Users have a right to know exactly what they are signing up for when deciding to use a product. Make it clear and specific.

An image that represents an app requesting access to a device camera

Data Transparency

Communicate exactly what data is being collected and why it’s being collected.

An image that represents user data being collected by an app

Access to Data

Give users access to the data being collected on them and ensure it's easy to find.

An image depicting account settings and the ability to delete account

The Right to be Forgotten

Provide users the ability to permanently delete their data and ensure it's easy to find.

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Avoid Misdirection

We can avoid misdirecting users by following usability best practices, maintaining consistent UI, ensuring links and buttons are clear and recognizable, and not disguising ads as content.

An image that shows a clear and easy way to delete an account via settings

Easy Exit

Ensure users can easily find the option to unsubscribe or delete their account if they choose to do so.

Designers need to insist on transparency about users’ privacy settings, and solutions that allow users to opt in, rather than opting out of data collection. This forces our organizations to justify the need for data rather than just collecting it because they can.

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