Best Practices

Image of confirmation being required via modal

Require Confirmation

Use confirmation dialogs to help prevent error, avoid unintentional actions, and promote critical thought.

An image that represents two factor authentication

Double-up Authentication

Protect users by providing additional security such as 2-Factor authentication.

An image depicting a sign-up form that doesn’t automatically subscribe the user to further updates via newsletter

Bringing to Attention

Don’t use defaults when something requires the attention of users (ex: subscribing to updates).

An image informing the user that desktop notifications are currently disabled


Make users aware of the default active settings and where to find them.

Of all the buzzwords in tech, perhaps none has been deployed with as much philosophical conviction as “frictionless.” Over the past decade or so, eliminating “friction” — the name given to any quality that makes a product more difficult or time-consuming to use — has become an obsession of the tech industry, accepted as gospel by many of the world’s largest companies.

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