Best Practices

Image of phone with active notification

Align Delivery with Urgency

Not every notification is an urgent one. The method in which we deliver a notification should align with its importance to minimize distraction.

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Allow for Personalization

Allow users to customize from whom, when and how they can receive notifications to minimize unwanted interruptions.

Email notification with full text

Include Full Text

If email notifications are enabled, include the full text of comments and direct messages within the email notification to prevent the need to open the app.

Image of phone surrounded by distraction

Respect and Adapt to Context

Just as humans understand when and how it’s appropriate to communicate with one another in context, technology should respect and adapt to user context.

As we learn to design calm technology, we will enrich not only our space of artifacts, but also our opportunities for being with other people. Thus may design of calm technology come to play a central role in a more humanly empowered twenty-first century.

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